Nature-based learning in Lake Elmo MN

Helping children develop meaningful connections with nature.

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About Tamara Gardner

About Me

My name is Tamara Gardner, and I run Pilot Park Preschool. Learn about my experience and education.

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The Preschool

Featuring both outdoor and indoor classrooms, Pilot Park Preschool provides a unique experience for your child!

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Why Outdoors

See why an outdoor experience is so important.

Why Outdoors »

Outdoor learning! So important for development.

Outdoor learning builds better immune systems, helps with allergies, and teaches kids to respect and love nature. The preschool is a short walk from the woods and many trails to explore.


Outdoor activities (including an outdoor classroom)!

Outdoor time is maximized. Even when not hiking or exploring in the woods, we use an outdoor classroom featuring hands on learning, and plenty of outdoor play.


And of course an indoor classroom too. It is Minnesota after all!

Staying warm is important too, especially on those cold winter days. We also bring nature inside for more exploration.


Take a tour!

See inside our classroom in this short video.